Fireworks around the lake has been mentioned as a concern – noise, debris and safety. The State of Wisconsin requires permits for fireworks. The Webb Lake Town Chairman signs a permit and the form is available on the Town of Webb Lake website. The applicant must complete the form and have it signed two days before use. A copy of a completed form is given to the police and fire department.

If you want detailed information about setting off fireworks in Wisconsin you may want to contact the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department at 715-349-2121.

If you want to make a complaint about someone possessing or shooting off fireworks, you can contact the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department. One can make a complaint anonymously or give your name. The Burnett County Recreational Officers have encouraged people to provide as much information as possible if making a complaint. For example, saying “fireworks are going off somewhere on the lake” isn’t generally enough information to investigate.

The Fireworks Statute for the State of Wisconsin can be found here.

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