Boat Launch Sign

Boat Launch Sign

As most of us know, the sign at the boat launch has seen better days. Not only is the plywood warping and rotting, but the structure itself is no longer sound. Some of our residents have been kind to set it back up several times.

Old Sign
Rotting and Leaning

Reuse Existing Frame and Add Rear Bracing

Our initial analysis of the frame shows that the posts are not set in cement. Our plan is to assess the integrity of the underground portion of the posts during the install of the new sign and hopefully reuse them if possible. Regardless of our plan to reuse or install new posts, we will be adding rear bracing similar to Loon Lake’s Sign to strengthen against heavy wind loads.


  • Lumber
    • All newly supplied lumber will be cedar to prevent leaching of chemicals into our water from pressure treated wood. Lap joints and bolts planned for joinery.
  • Fasteners
    • We will be using stainless steel fasteners on the sign itself for maximum rust protection
    • Galvanized fasteners will be used in other locations unless contact is with stainless steel
  • Sign Board
    • Our sign board will be made on ImageLoc sign material which has a warranty stating it will not delaminate, peel, blister, crack or fade for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase. This material is heat-treated to resist expansion and contraction in temperature extremes.

New Sign Design


Our initial estimate of this project ranges between $1100 to $1400 total with reusing the existing frame landing us on the lower end. Our association was the first ever to work with the township of Webb Lake and secure funding of $500 towards our new sign.

Volunteers Needed

  • Transport Sign
    • We need a volunteer to transport the sign from Gopher Sign in St Paul to the lake when production is finished
    • We will need a volunteer to transport the sign on install day to the boat launch
  • Installers
    • We need 1 or 2 other volunteers that are handy with tools and skilled in building to help install the frame and the sign. Estimating around 4 to 6 hours.

Project Timeline

  • January 2021
    • Initial Discussion and Plan of Action
    • Existing Sign Assessment
    • Recommendation to Residents for Sign Replacement during Zoom Meeting
  • February 2021
    • Notification to Township Board of Intent
    • Contact County and Start Sign Permit Process – fee waived by County
    • Initial Bids received from 4 Sign Makers
    • Committee Discussion of Sign Materials – Cost and Benefits
  • March 2021
    • $500 Funding Approved from Webb Lake Township with condition that best materials are used
    • ImageLoc Sign Material Chosen
    • Initial Design and Wording Discussions
  • April 2021
    • Bulk of the Design and Wording within Committee and Several Volunteers
  • May 2021
    • Design Finalized
    • Permit signed by Township and sent to County for approval
  • June 2021
    • Sign Permit Approved by County
    • Design Submitted to Sign Maker for Creation
    • Design Proof Approved
    • Initial 50% Deposit Sent
    • Production Started – Estimated Finish Date for Sign Printing is late July
  • July 2021
    • Sign Complete – Arrange for pick-up
  • August 2021
    • Pick-up sign – Mike Schafhauser
    • Pick-up materials – Chris Franken and Beth Ihry
    • Remove Existing Sign and Frame – Ryan Knox
    • Cut and Notch Lap Joints in Frame – Ryan Knox and Don Nienow
    • Clean-up Preparation Site Scraps and Sawdust – Cheryl Maloney
    • Assemble Frame on Site and Attach Sign – Ryan Knox, Don Nienow, Mike Schafhauser, and Tom Rooney
    • Erect Frame and Set with concrete – Ryan Knox, Mike Schafhauser, Tom Rooney, and Mark Michel
  • September 2021
    • Install Rear Brackets and Cement Rear Posts – Ryan Knox, Mark Michel, and Bob Maloney

Remove Old Sign and Frame

During removal, we determined the old sign frame would not be a good candidate for reuse due to previous damage. We will be able to reuse the lumber for the rear brackets.

Frame Assembly, Sign Attach, and Install

Project Costs

  • Sign – $872.77
  • Lumber and Cement – $264.12
  • Hardware – $73.58
  • Additional Cement for rear braces – $40.77
  • Dump Charge for old lumber – $5.00
  • Total Project Cost – $1256.24
  • Webb Lake Township Funding – $500
  • Cost to Des Moines Lake Association – $756.24
  • Please note that all labor provided was volunteered hours